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#1 Send him to the baker’s __________ the bread.

#2 __________ to school last week?

#3 Sarah doesn’t eat fish __________.

#4 His daughter is __________.

#5 She never eats __________ potatoes.

#6 When the police arrived, the robbers __________.

#7 Your letter __________.

#8 He’s a good guitarist, but he plays the piano __________.

#9 We __________ my cousin since last Christmas.

#10 I didn’t hear what he was __________.

#11 You __________ swim in that river. It’s dangerous.

#12 Your bicycle shouldn’t be in the house! __________!

#13 If you __________ help you, you only have to ask me.

#14 Her children tell her that __________ old drive a car.

#15 __________ this afternoon, I’ll go to the shops.

#16 For a shop assistant __________, customers.

#17 It’s 9 o’clock already and there’s a lot of traffic, so __________ get there by half past 9.

#18 I’m going to the theatre tonight. So __________.

#19 You look tired. __________ make you a cup of tea.

#20 When the new Apple Store opens, her father has promised __________her there.

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