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#1 I wish I _______ suggest something more suitable, but this is all we have.

#2 I’ll have to walk to work. My bicycle __________.

#3 I _________ since breakfast and I’m very tired.

#4 His telegram said he _______ on the 7th.

#5 I don’t think we’ve met before. Youre confusing me with _______.

#6 __________ open the door for you?

#7 He _________ in his homework.

#8 Will you be able to come to the meeting? ___________

#9 He was a good runner so he __________ escape from the police.

#10 ________ a good thing they didn’t catch you.

#11 That’s the course of studies _________

#12 I would like ________ it again.

#13 The film, _________ theme song won an Oscar, was set in the desert.

#14 He didn’t take the flat because he couldn’t afford the _________

#15 The television is too loud. Please ________

#16 She was sitting ____________on the park bench.

#17 How long does the train take to ________ to London?

#18 We talked about a lot of things ___________ the way to the office.

#19 If I ____________ you when I was young, I’m sure we would have fallen in love.

#20 Everyone in the factory has to be _______ by 8 o’clock.

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